The Furry Scarf

So it's tip time :) I have had these boots for quite some time. I actually bought them when I lived in Florence, a few years back and they were in a beautiful light pink colour. Obviously they did not stay that way, first of all because I'm a bit catastrophic when I walk and secondly the colour doesn't make it easy for them to stay in its original colour, especially with all brick-stone pavements and my clumsy feet's. Anyhow I just couldn't allow myself to get rid of them, so they sadly looked at me every time I was selecting what to wear. In the end I decided that it was time to give them new life so I took them to a local shoemaker near my house. This man is incredible, he's 90 years old and doesn't look a year over 70. He even customises shoes in the old-fashion way! Well anyhow, I decided that I wanted to colour them black and this is the result. All this for not even a fifth of what these boots cost me when I bought them I got a new pair. Can't be more happy with my decision. If you need a good shoemaker in Barcelona just comment below and I'll share my contact :)

Happy Midweek!

Shot By Facundo Viera

Essential Faux Fur Collar (similar here & here) // Lindex Bomber Jacket (similar here & here) // Zara High-waisted Jeans  (similar here & here) // Ash Boots (similar here & here) // 3.1 Philip Lim Bag

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  1. I love that scarf! Great way to add texture to a look!

  2. love the boots!
    such a great look....that fur scarf is so playful!!!!!!


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