Denim & Fur

The mild Barcelona winter really lets me wear more or less whatever I feel like without having to think about protecting me from the cold. When in Gothenburg it's the opposite and the outfit purpose is to protect me from the cold so that I don't freeze half to death. I'm not very much into the cold which is one of the reasons why it would be really difficult for me living in Sweden. Luckily I still have some warm clothes there to use when I come and visit, and the most essential thing is a warm jacket. I remember when I used to live here it really didn't matter what I had underneath because I always had a coat on. Well it could be that I freeze very easily but I must say that I do prefer the winters in Barcelona.

A fur jacket is a good way to keep out the cold. A pair of chunky boots is recommended as well. Yesterday it snowed and when the temperatures hits minus degrees the snow freezes and transforms to slippery ice. For me comfort really goes before anything else and this is how I dress in winter wonderland.

Happy Monday!

Shot By Facundo Viera

H&M Beanie (similar here & here) // Vintage Fur (similar here & here) // H&M Sweater (similar here)  // Pull & Bear Jeans (similar here & here) // Costume National Boots via Vestiaire (similar here & here) // Chanel Flap Bag via Vestiaire (similar here & here) // Vintage Scarf

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