I'm Moving To Stockholm

As you may have noticed on Instagram and the blog I have mentioned that there will be some big changes. I wanted to write this post a little bit more personal and tell you that I'm moving to Stockholm. After five wonderful years in Barcelona I'm taking on a new adventure and a new job! It's with mixed feelings I'm writing.... Barcelona has been the city that I have called my home for the last five years and the first place I really felt at home. It's the city where I have met a lot of wonderful people, the city where I found the love of my life, the city that have made me grow as a person and the city that have made me stronger. It's never easy to move from a place that you call your home and it's even more difficult to say goodbye to your friends. Luckily the distance nowadays are not an obstacle and your near ones are only a flight or a call away. Well, as well as I'm sad to leave Barcelona I'm also very excited to start my new job at one of the biggest fashion companies in Sweden and to discover a new city and meet new amazing people. For me discovering is what makes me grow! I feel really lucky that I have been able to live in places such as Florence, Milan and Barcelona and now it's time to go back to the country where I was born. So to finish this post I want to thank Barcelona and all the people that I have met for making me feel at home and now it's time for a new exciting chapter of my life.

Lots of love, Isabella


  1. Enhorabuena guapa!!!Y mucha suerte en tu nueva aventura en Estocolmo!


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