Will there be any vacation?


Sorry for the absence but we have desperately been looking for a last minute trip for more than 3 weeks. We finally found a hotel through hotels.com and we were super happy and thought everything was finalised as we paid and got the confirmation from them. Then yesterday I receive an email that the hotel has no availability and that I need to get in contact with hotels.com even though they had already charged me.!.Well I thought it was only to contact the Swedish site as it was from there I bought it but I had to go through the American site as all the relocation had to be done there. I think I spent in total 7h (17.30-00.30 not exaggerating) in the phone waiting for them to find another hotel, talking to 5 different persons, three disconnected call. A lot of hotels were fully booked and the hotels that was suggested were of really low standard and nothing compared to what we originally booked so I told them to continue searching as it should be the same kind as what we bought.  A very bad first time experience with something that should facilitate your search and not make you spend hours on hold in the phone and with worries that you won't have anywhere to stay, Our flight is booked, the car is rented and still no where to stay. Must say a great disappointment and I probably won't book anything on their site again, nor would I advise anyone else to do so. Maybe we had "bad luck" but I must say it has been an exhausting experience, instead of being easy at it's supposed to be!! Now we are still here without a hotel and I will have to take round two today after work talking to them, probably for hours again. Keep your fingers crossed that I get this solved today, and thank you for reading.

How has your experience been with hotels.com? 

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