On My Mind - Detailed Denim


Denim has been in the fashion scene for years and years and have changed from being something casual to throw on when at home or at your spare time to being seen on the catwalks and streetstyle scene. Denim has really found itself high up in the fashion scene and it seems like it's here to stay :) Updating key items is all about the surface focus and the way you renew it. A denim garment can easily be transformed into a party wear item through glitzy festive embellishment. Rhinestones, sequins or beads as well as colourful embroidery are seen in a variety of forms and style. For me this is one of the best trends at the moment as it's both fun and cool and can really bring out the DIY person in you. Just remember there are no limits to the imagination :)

Have a great Saturday!



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