Stained Denim

Ripped, stained, distressed, raw, stone-washed, embellished...I can continue for ever with the amount of different ways and models you will find this sought after material. Denim leaves you with a lot of options and it's very versatile. Even better is that it's so easy to DIY. Find a pair of old jeans and start your project and create your personal garment. I have two projects in mind; one is a pair of embellished jean and the other is to add some fringes at the hem. Let's see if I have time to create my dream pairs :)

Happy Midweek!

Shot by Facundo Viera

Antonio Miro Leather jacket (similar here & here)// Zara Blouse (similar here & here) // Zara Jeans (similar here & here) // Bimba & Lola Boots (similar here & here) //  Saint Laurent Betty Bag // Uterque Fur Key Chain (similar here & here) // Take My Yellow Dress Necklace

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  1. Such an amazing look dear, I love those pants !

    XO Imke

  2. Great look and pictures!! X


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