One of the best things with our new flat is our neighbourhood. We used to live in the heart of the centre where there is a lot of traffic, tourists and not a lot of green around. Of course it has it's positive sides as well but as Barcelona is kind of a "small" big city the distances are not very far. Where we live now there is a lot (well more at least ;) ) of green and we have Montjuic very near by. It's really refreshing as where I grew up (Gothenburg, Sweden) the nature was always very close and present. The other day we just went out for a walk and ended up walking around for two hours in Montjuic. There are so many beautiful corners and places there and it's so nice to breathe in the nature. Well we stopped here to take a few photos as I'm a sucker for these flowers, just love the colours and the light.

Happy Friday!

Shot By Facundo Viera

Zara Blouse (similar here & here) // H&M Leather Shorts (similar here & here) // Gaimo Espadrilles (similar here & here) // Proenza Schouler PS11 Bag via Vestiaire (here & here) // H&M Earrings (similar here & here)

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