Casual Sunday

Top: Zara , Leather Shorts: The Wardrobe, Jacket: Adidas , Trainers: Nike Air Max , Bag: 3.1 Philip Lim , Sunglasses: H&M , Leather Bracelet: H&M , Watch: Casio

It's been crazy warm in Barcelona. We are in the end of October but it seems like the middle of July! Yesterday we had almost 30°C, insane. Due to the hot weather it's impossible to know what to wear. I have already sorted out my summer clothes, and left is warm sweaters, jeans and other clothes that fits for a 'normal' autumn temperature. Just thinking of trying on a pair of jeans or a warm sweater makes me sweat. Well, at least you can never go wrong with a pair of leather shorts. As they are not fitted, they don't feel to hot to wear. Together with a simple tee and my comfy Nike Air Max, its the perfect Sunday attire to walk around enjoying the nice weather.

Hope you had a lovely Sunday!

See you soon :)


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