Holding on to Summer

Dress: Vintage , Sandals: H&M , Bag: Friis & Comp , Sunglasses: Gianfranco Ferre (Vintage) , Accessories: H&M , Watch: Casio

I consider myself very lucky to live in such a beautiful city as Barcelona. Even though it's considered a big city, the walking distance between areas is still manageable. Having the beach in the city, also adds a plus to the list of pros. Barcelona also have a lot of sun hours, even in the winter. Waking up a cold winter day, looking out the window, and feel the sun warm you up, is just the best feeling. For me that's very important as the sun fills me with energy. 

It's hard to imagine that we are already entering October, as the temperature is still very high. Sunday I spent some hours at the beach, crowded with people, reading my monthly Issue of Vogue. It feels a bit strange dreaming of winter clothes when it's still to warm outside to even put on a leather jacket. Well, I'm not complaining, the cold weather will come when you least expect it. So I keep on enjoying the weather as long as I can. 

After some hours at the beach we took a stroll around the harbour, and the sandals I wear are perfect for a Sunday walk. Chunky heel and very comfortable. I also love my denim dress and my sunglasses which are one of many vintage treasure finds.

See you soon :)


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