Isabel Marant Capsule Collection for H&M

As many of you already know, Isabel Marant will be the next on line with collaborating with H&M. I must say that this collaboration is personally one of my favourites. And luckily for us that still can't afford the pieces from her brand, we will be able to own some lovely pieces from her capsule collection (if we are lucky!).

Isabel Marant is famous for her bohemian laid-back femininity with touches of rock n' roll that focuses on the legs.

The capsule collection for H&M will consist of 42 pieces of Isabel's favourites from her past collection.

The capsule collection will also be designed for men (new for Marant) and children, so the whole family can enjoy her lovely pieces.

Now it's only little less than a month left until the collection hits the store. I can just imagine the line outside the selected stores and I don't even want to think about the craziness inside. But hey, I will be there and be part of it :)

The collection hits the store the 14th of November, so wright that date down !

Here are my favourites.




 See you soon :)


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